Soils and Mulches

Your Garden Deserves The Best Specialty Soils and Fertilizers

Soils and MulchesThe soil you use in your garden can be responsible for making or breaking your plants or trees. In some areas of Fremont County, the soil is not optimal for setting all of your new plants, shrubs and trees up for success. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center, we can tell you what your soil needs for optimal growth, and we guarantee we have the right soil or soil amendment to make your garden thrive.

In Fremont County, there are a variety of differing landscapes. From the dry, flat areas of Penrose, to the mountainous, rugged terrain of Cotopaxi, each area in Fremont County needs something a little different. As lifelong residents of this area, we can help you figure out exactly what your soil is lacking, and get you the right amendment to make your garden grow. 

Potting Soil To Help Flowers Flourish

Brady's Garden & Spa Center carries a variety of different potting soils, in different amounts, so you can keep your annuals growing continuously throughout the season. We recommend never putting natural dirt from your yard or property into the pot with your annuals or herbs. 

Potted plants need special nutrients to keep them alive, and our potting soil has everything they need to thrive and keep your porch or kitchen window filled with blooming beauties throughout the summer. 

Premium Mulch For Weed Prevention 

Not only does mulch improve the look of you flower beds and vegetable garden, it's also an effective tool for staving off pesky weeds that creep up. As anyone who has ever kept any type of garden, weed prevention can often times feel impossible. Mulch is a very easy first line of defense against the most hated part of growing any type of plant in your yard. 

In addition to weed prevention, mulch is a great way for your garden beds to maintain moisture. By covering the surface of your soil in mulch, you are helping keep the soil wet both after rain showers and after your daily watering. Mulch on the surface keeps the soil from drying out too quickly in the sun. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center, we carry both dark wood mulch and light, and your choice depends entirely on your preference.

Top Soils and Raised Bed Soils For Southern Colorado's Climate

Many times when you get out to work on your garden, you might fight some holes, uneven spaces, or cracks in the dirt that may need filling. The top soil we carry at Brady's Garden & Spa center is perfect for leveling ground and filling holes, and it is tried and true for the climate here in Southern Colorado. 

We even carry soil that is specially designed for raised beds. Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers in your raised beds, our raised bed soil is formulated for optimal growth of your plants. 

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