Irrigation and Drip Systems

Keep Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems Operational

Sprinkler Systems, Irrigation, Drip SystemsThough hand watering your plants on an as-needed basis can be effective for certain plants (thinking hanging baskets and potted annuals), by far the most effective and water saving method is a well-placed and maintained drip system. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center we have all the components you need to set up a drip system in your garden. 

Sprinklers are also an effective way of watering your garden area, depending on the size of the area that needs watered. Sprinkler systems come in various different sizes that can water smaller areas or larger areas or your lawn. 

If you prefer hand watering, we carry everything you need to simplify the process for you. From hoses to nozzles to sprayers. We also carry watering cans in all different sizes to use for your small plants or potted plants on your porch.

Water-Saving Drip Systems 

Though they can require yearly maintenance, drip systems are both water saving an time saving. Drip systems can be put on a timer so they will give your garden the exact amount of water it needs over a period of time, without water logging your plants. 

Without a drip system, it is possible to water too much at once, causing your garden to dry out in the heat of the day and not stay moist throughout the hottest parts of the afternoon.

The irrigation experts at Brady's Garden & Spa Center can help you figure out exactly what you need to get a drip system set up in your outdoor space. Whether you have small raised garden beds, or an expansive area of plants, our drip systems can be tailored to your needs. 

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