Hanging Baskets

Grown and Offered Only At Brady's Garden and Spa Center

Brady's Garden and Spa Center is proud to be the premiere grower of the area's most stunning and healthy hanging flower baskets. All of our baskets are grower direct. This means that we grow them in our Salida Greenhouse, and sell them to the public at Brady's Garden and Spa Center.

We cut out the middle man completely, so you know exactly where your hanging baskets were grown and cared for. Right here in Colorado, grown and offered only at Brady's Garden and Spa Center.  

Types of Hanging Baskets

At Brady's Garden and Spa Center, we know every home is different, and your hanging basket needs can vary greatly. For this reason, we are proud to offer sun-loving hanging baskets, part sun, part shade, and shade-loving plants. 

All of our baskets are lush, full and healthy, as we have cared for them from start to finish. These hanging baskets are famous around Colorado, with people coming from all over the state to get hanging baskets for their spring and summer landscape. 

Because of the extreme popularity of our baskets, once they are sold out, they're sold out! So be sure to stop into Brady's Garden and Spa Center in May and grab your hanging basket before it's too late. 

What Kind Of Flowers Go In Hanging Baskets?

We know that everyone has a different preference when it comes to flowers in hanging baskets. Our expert gardeners at our Brady's-owned Greenhouse in Salida have been spending years perfecting the perfect combination of vines, flowers and greenery that will go into our baskets an add beautiful pops of color to your porch in the warm months. 

Whether you like baskets that are all the same type of flower or baskets with varying types and hanging vines, we have something for every taste at Brady's Garden and Spa Center. All of the plants in our outdoor hanging baskets are annuals.  

If cared for correctly, our hanging baskets will last from spring, through summer and into the warmer months of autumn. Be sure to ask us what type of fertilizer will work best to keep your plant flowering nonstop, all season long.

When you buy a hanging baskets at Brady's Garden and Spa Center, you can be sure they will fill your Southern Colorado porch with color and add to the curb appeal of your home. 

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