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Insecticides, Herbicides and Animal Repellents

Insecticides, Herbicides and Animal RepellentsThere are few things more disheartening than going out to your garden and discovering an infestation on the plants that you have worked so hard to grow. We've all been there! Caterpillars chewing up your pepper plants, an aphid infestation on your tomato plants, or zucchini plants swarming with squash bugs - none of it makes a gardener happy! 

At Brady's Garden & Spa Center, we have everything you need to get rid of the pesky bugs, animals or weeds being where they shouldn't be. No matter what type of issue you're facing with bugs in your garden, we are here to troubleshoot with you and get the problem taken care of. 

Insecticides For Fremont County Bug Issues

With the large farming community here in Fremont County, we promise you aren't alone in your bugs-in-the-garden problem. We have seen it all! And we have the products to get the bugs out of your garden beds. Some of our insecticides, herbicides and animal repellents are even organic. 

By coming into Brady's Garden & Spa Center, one of our garden experts will be able to direct you to the exact product you need for your specific problem. It helps if you take a photo of the bugs on your plants so we can diagnose your invader if you aren't positive what it is.  

Herbicides Perfect For Colorado Weeds

Being a high desert community, we have a huge array of different types of weeds that can invade your garden. And some of them, because of the areas of dry, hard ground, can be very tough to deal with. Because we are native to this area, Brady's Garden & Spa Center sells everything you need to combat Fremont County's worst and most invasive weeds. 

We carry two different types of weed killers: selective and non-selective. Selective weed killers target specific species of weed in your garden, whereas non-selective will kill whatever it is sprayed on, including your plants. If you are targeting a large area of overgrown weeds, non-selective is the way to go.

But, if you are going after specific weeds that keep popping up in the middle of your flower bed, it's best to target just those weeds so you don't end up killing your flowers or vegetables as well. 

Animal Repellents For Your Plants

If you have been in Fremont County for more than a day, you know that our biggest source of ruined plants is our friendly neighborhood deer. They might be cute, but they can really do a number on pretty much anything you have in your yard. 

While we do sell "deer-resistant" plants at Brady's Garden & Spa Center, there is no plant that is truly deer-resistant. As we have found in our years of gardening, if deer are hungry enough they will eat just about anything. We recommend spraying all of your plants, even deer-resistant ones, with our deer repellant spray. 

We only sell spray that is safe for deer, meaning if they do decide to taste it it will not harm them. We also sell repellants for other animals that can be pests in your garden - mice, snakes, rabbits and other critters. When put on the leaves, our sprays make your plants repulsive to the animal or critter that's damaging your greenery.

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We are proud to carry a full line of ferti•lome® Lawn and Garden Products. If you don't see it on the shelf, just ask one of our staff and we will order it for you. ferti•lome, Hi-Yield and Natural Guard by ferti•lome offer a complete line of weed killers, plant foods, insecticides, fungicides, and potting soil.

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