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Fountain - Yard Art - Pond SuppliesBrady's Garden & Spa Center has the biggest selection of fountains, yard art and pond supplies in Fremont County. Whether you like metal yard animals, buddha statues, fountains or rain chains - we have all of that and then some! When we say we have everything to keep your yard and garden looking beautiful and show-stopping, we mean it!

And that doesn't just mean plants. We have a huge selection of other items that will make your yard stand out, even in the off season. When you visit Brady's Garden & Spa Center, there's no doubt you will go home with something to add to your garden. 

Fremont County's Most Unique Fountain Selection

Few sounds are more relaxing than the trickle and flowing sound of running water. And what better place to experience the soothing sounds than your own, colorful and peaceful backyard. And you can have it without living on the banks of the Arkansas River! 

Whether you have the space for a large fountain, or are looking for something smaller to fit into one of your garden beds, we have fountains to fit an assortment of budgets and space. With fountains that are over three feet tall, and fountains that could fit on top of a table, you can find the water feature that works for you.

Not only do yard fountains contribute to your relaxation and happiness in your backyard, they also add a point of interest in your garden area. 

We carry all the cleaning supplies and chemicals you need to ensure that your fountain stays clean and ready for use outdoors during the warm months. We can also walk you through setting up your water feature so there's no frustration when it's time to put your new fountain on display. 

Art To Make Your Colorado Yard Pop

From statues to bird baths to metal yard art, there is so much to look at at Brady's Garden & Spa Center that you won't know where to start! We have traditional, eclectic and modern yard art, so there is something for every taste. 

When you drive by Brady's Garden & Spa Center you might notice metal art that moves with the wind. Not only is this metal yard art eye-catching, but most of them are easy to pull out of your yard or take down in strong winds, snow storms or other bad weather. You can make sure your metal yard art lasts for years to come. 

All The Supplies For Your Cañon City Pond

In addition to all of the supplies you will need to keep your hot tub or spa running smoothly, we also carry supplies to make sure the water in your pond stays healthy and balanced. Ponds are known to grow algae if not maintained.

It is important to have filters, pumps, liners and the proper tubes, pipes and fittings to make sure your pond remains a beautiful and serene outdoor feature of your home. These things are also necessary to ensure your pond is a safe place for fish to live if you plan on using it for fishing. For smaller ponds, these things are also necessary for keeping decorative koi fish. 

With decades of experience, the pros at Brady's Garden & Spa Center can guide you in the right direction, and help you figure out what your pond needs to last for many years. With regular maintenance, a pond can be a show-stopping feature of your outdoor area. 

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