Annuals and Perennials

Locally-Grown Colorado Flowers

Annual and Perennial FlowersDuring the spring and summer months, we are proud to carry locally grown annuals and perennials of all kinds. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center we offer everything you need to make your garden pop. From sun-loving flowers, to shade-loving ground cover, and everything in between.

Not sure what to plant? Our employees at Brady's Garden & Spa Center are friendly and love plants - the perfect combination for helping you choose what will work best in your garden.

Perennials That Thrive In Southern Colorado

Adding perennials to your landscape is a great way to add color to your yard that returns year after year, meaning they are low maintenance. If well taken care of, perennials will continue to grow roots throughout the fall and winter, and then return in the spring and summer. This means you only have to plant it once! 

Though the perennials at Brady's Garden & Spa Center tend to be slightly higher in price when you first buy them, you only have to purchase them one time, saving you money and time. Having perennials in the ground year round also improves the quality of the soil around your perennial by allowing water to flow more freely through the ground thanks to your perennials root systems. 

The right perennials will also attract even more beauty to your garden in the form of hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center we have shelves upon shelves of beautiful perennials that are perfect for growing in the rugged climate of Fremont County. Each of our plants is thoughtfully labeled so you know exactly how much sun and water you will need to keep it growing healthy for many seasons to come. 

If you've lived in Fremont County for more than a week, you know we have a certain animal that can be disruptive to your garden space. Our friendly deer may be fun to look at, but they can be extremely destructive to flowers and landscaping. That's why here at Brady's Garden & Spa Center we carry a huge variety of deer resistant plants and repellants so your garden won't be torn up by our neighborhood deer. 

Annuals Perfect for Fremont County

At Brady's Garden & Spa Center we have a huge variety of annuals in every color you can imagine. Our annuals will bring the cheer all summer long. All of the varieties we carry are proven to thrive in Southern Colorado. 

Perfect for your hanging baskets, pots or planters, annuals can really make your front porch pop. While annuals only last one season and will need to be pulled at the end of their growing season, they bloom much faster than perennials and produce blooms all season long. 

Annuals provide a great filler for gardens when you are waiting for your perennials to start growing because typically they are already in full bloom when you put them in the ground. And they stay that way with proper care for the entire season. 

In addition to being great for bed filler, annuals are also the best choice for putting in pots and planers around your property. They are relatively inexpensive and add great color to areas outside your home that you want to beautify. 

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