Beautify Your Colorado Landscape
At Brady's Garden & Spa Center, we have a huge selection of trees and shrubs that are tried and true varieties for the climate in Southern Colorado. With coniferous and deciduous trees to choose from, we will always have something in stock that will make your yard look beautiful.  Our knowledgeable employees can answer any questions you may have about which tree or shrub to purchase, how to care for it, and which spot on your property would be the best for your choice.  Deciduous and Coniferous Trees We carry both deciduous and coniferous trees at Brady's Garden & Spa... Read The Rest
Locally-Grown Colorado Flowers
During the spring and summer months, we are proud to carry locally grown annuals and perennials of all kinds. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center we offer everything you need to make your garden pop. From sun-loving flowers, to shade-loving ground cover, and everything in between. Not sure what to plant? Our employees at Brady's Garden & Spa Center are friendly and love plants - the perfect combination for helping you choose what will work best in your garden. Perennials That Thrive In Southern Colorado Adding perennials to your landscape is a great way to add color to your yard... Read The Rest
Grown and Offered Only At Brady's Garden and Spa Center
Brady's Garden and Spa Center is proud to be the premiere grower of the area's most stunning and healthy hanging flower baskets. All of our baskets are grower direct. This means that we grow them in our Salida Greenhouse, and sell them to the public at Brady's Garden and Spa Center. We cut out the middle man completely, so you know exactly where your hanging baskets were grown and cared for. Right here in Colorado, grown and offered only at Brady's Garden and Spa Center.   Types of Hanging Baskets At Brady's Garden and Spa Center, we know every home is... Read The Rest
Popular Varieties of Naturally-Grown Vegetables and Herbs
In the spring and summer, there truly is nothing better than walking out into your garden, picking a vegetable or herb, and bringing it back into your home to eat yourself or serve to your family and friends. Growing things in Colorado can sometimes pose a challenge. But luckily, the experts at Brady's Garden & Spa Center can tell you exactly which vegetables are easier to grow, and which ones require a slightly greener thumb. Perfect Vegetables For Colorado When you step into Brady's Garden & Spa Center to shop for your veggies and herbs, you will find a huge... Read The Rest
Bring The Outdoors In
Though the winter months can sometimes feel like they drag on, especially without beautiful blooming flowers in the landscape, there is a sure fire way to combat the winter blues. There might not be a ton of green outside, but that doesn't mean you can't have it inside. With our house plant selection at Brady's Garden & Spa Center, you can be surrounded by thriving plants for your home all year long. We have a huge selection, with new house plants coming in weekly. From the easy to care for, low-maintenance indoor plants, to the more challenging ones, we have countless... Read The Rest
Everything You Need For A Successful Garden
While buying plant starters is a good option for immediate garden planting, some find planting seeds to be a rewarding labor of love. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center we know that planting seeds gives the avid gardener a feeling of accomplishment like no other. That's why we carry a huge selection of Vegetable Seeds and Fruit Seeds at reasonable prices, so you can do some garden experimenting from the comfort of your home before the warm weather arrives in Fremont County.  With our seed packets, you can try out different veggies, herbs and flowers in your garden without the... Read The Rest
Landscape Fabric, Soils, Rocks, Stones, and Compost
There are countless uses for stone and rock both in your backyard and in your garden area. Adding these landscape features can take your property's curb appeal to the next level.  Creating a walkway in your backyard or garden can improve the space in both aesthetics and functionality. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center, we carry several types of stone and rocks that will be the perfect addition to your backyard oasis.  Perfect Landscaping Stone We offer a variety of stone that can be used to complete a path or border for your garden. Brady's Garden & Spa Center has... Read The Rest
Your Garden Deserves The Best Specialty Soils and Fertilizers
The soil you use in your garden can be responsible for making or breaking your plants or trees. In some areas of Fremont County, the soil is not optimal for setting all of your new plants, shrubs and trees up for success. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center, we can tell you what your soil needs for optimal growth, and we guarantee we have the right soil or soil amendment to make your garden thrive. In Fremont County, there are a variety of differing landscapes. From the dry, flat areas of Penrose, to the mountainous, rugged terrain of Cotopaxi, each... Read The Rest
Insecticides, Herbicides and Animal Repellents
There are few things more disheartening than going out to your garden and discovering an infestation on the plants that you have worked so hard to grow. We've all been there! Caterpillars chewing up your pepper plants, an aphid infestation on your tomato plants, or zucchini plants swarming with squash bugs - none of it makes a gardener happy!  At Brady's Garden & Spa Center, we have everything you need to get rid of the pesky bugs, animals or weeds being where they shouldn't be. No matter what type of issue you're facing with bugs in your garden, we are... Read The Rest
Keep Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems Operational
Though hand watering your plants on an as-needed basis can be effective for certain plants (thinking hanging baskets and potted annuals), by far the most effective and water saving method is a well-placed and maintained drip system. At Brady's Garden & Spa Center we have all the components you need to set up a drip system in your garden.  Sprinklers are also an effective way of watering your garden area, depending on the size of the area that needs watered. Sprinkler systems come in various different sizes that can water smaller areas or larger areas or your lawn.  If you... Read The Rest
Beautiful And Elegant Pottery And Gifts
At Brady's Garden & Spa Center it's no secret that we love plants. But we have so much more than just plants in our store! We have a huge variety of goodies for both your green thumb friends and your not-so green thumb friends. From pottery for your home and yard, to beautiful wind chimes and decor items, we have something for everyone. With items to fit every price range, Brady's Garden & Spa Center is your one stop shop for your gift needs.   Beautiful Pottery Gifts And Decor We have beautiful pots in all shapes and sizes, for both... Read The Rest
Yard Sculptures and Lawn Decorations
Brady's Garden & Spa Center has the biggest selection of fountains, yard art and pond supplies in Fremont County. Whether you like metal yard animals, buddha statues, fountains or rain chains - we have all of that and then some! When we say we have everything to keep your yard and garden looking beautiful and show-stopping, we mean it! And that doesn't just mean plants. We have a huge selection of other items that will make your yard stand out, even in the off season. When you visit Brady's Garden & Spa Center, there's no doubt you will go home with... Read The Rest

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